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Subway is known for its incredibly tasty sandwiches. And, You wouldn’t want to eat sandwiches anywhere else because all of these are so good.

The sandwiches have strange, tasty fillings and the fluffiest bread. There are hundreds of different kinds of sandwiches and many ways to make them.

In this post, you can find Subway Sandwiches Menu items with images taken from Subway’s official website.

Also, You can eat a Subway sandwich as a snack or as a full meal. They are healthy and tasty. On our menu of subway sandwiches, there are a lot of different kinds and options.

Subway Sandwiches Menu With Price

Items Price Calories

Black Forest Ham

Black Forest Ham

Footlong, Hearty Multigrain, Black Forest Ham, Lettuce, Spinach, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Green Peppers, Red Onions

$7.19 540 Cals  / Each

Buffalo Chicken

Buffalo Chicken

Footlong, Toasted Artisan Italian, Grilled Chicken, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Buffalo Sauce, Peppercorn Ranch

$9.39  670 Cals  / Each



Footlong, Toasted Artisan Italian, Bacon, Lettuce, Tomatoes

$6.99 650 Cals  / Each

Chicken & Bacon Ranch

Chicken & Bacon Ranch

Footlong, Toasted Artisan Italian, Bacon, Rotisserie-Style Chicken, Monterey Cheddar, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Red Onions, Peppercorn Ranch

$11.39 1060 Cals  / Each

Cold Cut Combo®

Cold Cut Combo®

Footlong, Artisan Italian, Turkey Based: Ham, Salami & Bologna, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Green Peppers, Red Onions

$6.89 570 Cals  / Each

Grilled Chicken

Grilled Chicken

Footlong, Toasted Hearty Multigrain, Grilled Chicken, Lettuce, Spinach, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Green Peppers, Red Onions

$9.39  570 Cals  / Each

Italian B.M.T.®

Italian B.M.T.®

Footlong, Artisan Italian, Black Forest Ham, Pepperoni, Genoa Salami, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Green Peppers, Red Onions

$8.39 710 Cals  / Each

Meatball Marinara

Meatball Marinara

Footlong, Toasted Artisan Italian, Meatballs, Parmesan Cheese

$7.19 820 Cals  / Each

Oven Roasted Turkey

Oven Roasted Turkey

Footlong, Hearty Multigrain, Oven Roasted Turkey, Lettuce, Spinach, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Green Peppers, Red Onions

$8.39 520 Cals  / Each

Oven Roasted Turkey & Ham

Oven Roasted Turkey & Ham

Footlong, Hearty Multigrain, Oven Roasted Turkey, Black Forest Ham, Lettuce, Spinach, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Green Peppers, Red Onions

$8.39 530 Cals  / Each

Roast Beef

Roast Beef

Footlong, Hearty Multigrain, Roast Beef, Lettuce, Spinach, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Green Peppers, Red Onions

$10.99 590 Cals  / Each

Rotisserie-Style Chicken

Rotisserie-Style Chicken

Footlong, Toasted Hearty Multigrain, Rotisserie-Style Chicken, Lettuce, Spinach, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Green Peppers, Red Onions

$9.39 600 Cals  / Each

Spicy Italian

Spicy Italian

Footlong, Artisan Italian, Pepperoni, Genoa Salami, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Green Peppers, Red Onions

$7.19  850 Cals  / Each

Steak & Cheese

Steak & Cheese

Footlong, Toasted Artisan Italian, Steak, American Cheese, Green Peppers, Red Onions
$9.49 630 Cals  / Each

Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki

Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki

Footlong, Toasted Hearty Multigrain, Grilled Chicken, Lettuce, Spinach, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Green Peppers, Red Onions, Sweet Onion Teriyaki

$9.39 690 Cals  / Each



Footlong, Artisan Italian, Tuna, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Green Peppers, Red Onions

$8.59 850 Cals  / Each

Veggie Delite®

Veggie Delite®

Footlong, Hearty Multigrain, Lettuce, Spinach, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Green Peppers, Red Onions

$6.89 410 Cals  / Each

Veggie Patty

Veggie Patty

Footlong, Toasted Hearty Multigrain, Veggie Patty, Lettuce, Spinach, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Green Peppers, Red Onions

$8.29 750 Cals  / Each

Note: Please note that Subway’s salad menu items and prices in your particular state may vary slightly. Prices are provided as a general reference only; please confirm with your local restaurant.

Subway Popular Menu with prices

Most Popular Subway Sandwich

Sandwich Calories (6-inch)
Italian B.M.T. 400
Turkey Breast 320
Subway Club 350
Steak & Cheese 420
Meatball Marinara 440
Chicken Teriyaki 380
Veggie Delite 280

How Many Different Sandwiches Can You Make At Subway?

Approximately 38 million possible sandwich combinations can be made at Subway, according to the information given.

You have a wide range of options to tailor your sub to your preferences, including a variety of bread options, protein alternatives, toppings, sauces, and condiments.

Customers can design sandwiches that fit their tastes and dietary needs thanks to this variety.

What Are The Two Sizes At Subway?

The 6-inch and footlong sandwiches are the two sizes of sandwiches offered by Subway. lesser and ideal for individuals seeking a lighter meal or a lesser portion, the 6-inch sandwich is 6 inches long.

For people with greater appetites or those seeking a more substantial dinner, the footlong sandwich, as its name implies, is a wonderful choice.

It is around 12 inches in length. For both the 6-inch and footlong sandwiches, customers have a choice of several types of bread and fillings, which allows for a broad number of delectable combinations to fit personal preferences.

How to make a Subway sandwich at home

If you want to make a Subway sandwich at home, you will need the following ingredients:

  • Bread
  • Meat
  • Cheese
  • Vegetables
  • Sauces and condiments

What Is The Smallest Subway Sandwich?

The footlong sandwich known as the “world’s smallest Sub” is scaled down for the smallest Subway sandwich. Its size is only 2.2 cm, which is around 12 times smaller than that of a typical footlong sandwich.

Nadia Michaxu, a British artist, used specialized artistic methods to make this little meal, which accurately captures the hues and sensations of a Subway sandwich on a miniature scale.

It is not often available for purchase at Subway restaurants and instead functions as a special and imaginative work of art.

Tips for making a Subway sandwich at home

If you want to make your Subway Sandwich healthier, choose whole-wheat bread, lean meats and low-fat cheese.

You can also add more Vegetables to your sandwich to make it more nutritious.

To make your Subway Sandwich more flavorful, experiment with different Sauces and condiments.

If you have any Special dietary requirements such as being vegetarian or vegan, be sure to ask Subway about their options.

Tips for ordering a healthy Subway sandwich

If you are looking for a healthier Subway sandwich, here are a few tips:

  • Choose whole-wheat bread.
  • Choose lean meats, such as chicken or turkey.
  • Ask for less cheese.
  • Choose plenty of vegetables.
  • Go light on the sauces and condiments.

You can also order a Subway salad or wrap as a healthier alternative to a sandwich.

What is the healthiest Subway sandwich?

The healthiest Subway sandwich is the Veggie Delite Wrap on whole-wheat bread with no cheese.

It is low in calories, fat, sodium and high in fiber and vitamins. It also contains a good amount of protein, thanks to the black beans and tofu.

Here is the nutritional information for a 6-inch Veggie Delite Wrap on whole-wheat bread with no cheese:

  • Calories: 280
  • Fat: 5 grams
  • Saturated fat: 1 gram
  • Cholesterol: 0 milligrams
  • Sodium: 580 milligrams
  • Carbohydrates: 51 grams
  • Fiber: 7 grams
  • Protein: 12 grams

To make your Veggie Delite Wrap even healthier, you can ask for extra vegetables such as spinach, lettuce and tomatoes. You can also add a little bit of vinegar or mustard for flavor.

About Subway

Subway is an American fast-food chain restaurant that has been open since August 1965. It is one of the franchises that is growing the fastest in the world.

As of October 2019, Subway has 16,242 restaurants that are owned by different people in more than 100 countries. Its main products are tasty Submarine Sandwiches (subs) and salads.

Subway offers a variety of toppings, and customers can choose which ones to put on their sandwiches. The long-running Subway slogan “Eat Fresh” is meant to show that their sandwiches are made with fresh ingredients.

It was the world’s fastest-growing franchise in 2015 and had 37,540 locations in more than 100 countries and territories as of June 2021. 58.1 percent, or 21,796 of its locations, are in the United States. It is also the world’s largest restaurant operator and has the largest individual restaurant chain.

Subway’s Nutritional & Allergies Information

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Subway’s Customer Service

Address: 325 Sub Way, Milford, CT 06461, USA

Phone Number: +1 203-877-4281

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Subway Sandwiches Menu FAQs

What is the most popular sandwich at Subway?

In the United States, the most popular Subway sandwiches are turkey and tuna. That’s not true around the world, where unique and market-specific ingredients make it possible to make more than 37 million different kinds of sandwiches in 100+ countries.

What sandwiches are in the Subway Series?

In the Subway Series, there are cheesesteaks, Italianos, chicken, and club sandwiches on Subway bread with different kinds of toppings.

What is the healthiest sandwich?

The Turkey Sandwich is the healthiest food. Turkey has less fat than most other meats and is full of protein and potassium, which your muscles need to be strong.

What is healthier than bread for a sandwich?

Lettuce and greens with leaves

Big-leafed greens like romaine lettuce or lettuce are great alternatives to bread or wraps. You can put meat or other vegetables on top of these greens. You can also use the leaf to wrap things up and keep them together.

Is a Subway sandwich actually healthy?

Most of Subway’s meals are low in sugar and a good source of fiber and protein, but many of them are also high in fat and sodium.

One of the best things about Subway is that you really can make your own meal. Choose healthy toppings and skip the cheese and high-fat sauces to make the most of this option.


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