Subway Diabetic Menu: What to Eat and What to Avoid


Maintaining a balanced diet is essential for those who are controlling their diabetes for their general health and well-being.

Making diabetes-friendly food selections when dining out might be difficult. This article can be useful if you enjoy Subway but are unsure of what to get while controlling your diabetes.

We’ll go over the Subway diabetic menu with you and provide helpful tips on what to eat and what to avoid to maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

Subway Diabetic Menu

Can A Person With Diabetes Eat At The Subway?

People with diabetes are advised to avoid fast food because of its well-known high carb, sugar, and fat content.

The benefits of Subway for diabetes, on the other hand, include convenience, a tasty flavour, and outstanding consistency.

Fast lunch from Subway is undoubtedly the finest option when travelling by car, taking public transportation in a new place, or getting stuck in an airport.

Their cuisine is filling and satiating in sufficient amounts. If you choose wisely, Subway’s diabetic fast food is the best option for those with the disease.

People with diabetes must select foods that fit their lifestyle and encourage safe living despite the variety of tacos, burgers, fried chicken, and other high-carbohydrate dishes offered at various eateries.

For diabetics, taking the train is more about choosing healthier options. Considering that Subway uses whole wheat bread, a diabetic will eat a Subway sandwich.

Making the switch to 9-grain bread that is suitable for diabetics is also a smart move. Customers of Subway have access to a wide range of nutritional and wellness options.

What Can A Diabetic Eat At Subway?

You know how difficult it is to stick to a strict diet between breakfast and lunch if you have diabetes.

The temptation to go to the nearby fast food establishment is strong because most people only have a short window of time to eat.

However, there are places to eat besides the typical burger and taco joints. If you choose wisely, Subway will let you create the meal or sandwich of your dreams that satisfy your dietary needs.

What to avoid at Subway if you have diabetes?

White bread and sweets are two things you should absolutely avoid if you have diabetes.

It’s common for Subway to include a cookie with its meals, often as part of a meal deal, but it’s best to resist the urge because, like all other cookies, Subway’s are loaded with sugar and carbohydrates.

You’re looking at 30 to 50 g of carbs per cookie, depending on the size and variety, so you should unquestionably respond “no” when asked whether you’d like one with your order.

Top 10 Subway’s Low-Fat Fast Food Menu

Subway’s Low-Fat Fast Food Menu

1. Veggie Delite

The sandwich has lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers, and lettuce; the veggie delite wrap has spinach in place of lettuce.

2. Chicken Breast

It contains very little fat, and you can enhance the amount by adding extra veggies like cucumbers or green peppers, which will raise the fiber content without raising the fat content.

3. Fresh Fit Meals

These meals contain a lot of veggies and have a caloric content of about 400. These choices are great for people who like to eat healthily, but they are also ideal for people with diabetes because they don’t include trans fats or added sugars.

4. Oven Roasted Chicken Breast

You can select this alternative as well without any concerns. It is a good source of protein that can keep you satisfied for a long time and contains no trans-fats.

5. Rotisserie Chicken Breast

This is a fantastic protein-rich lunch option for those who enjoy the flavor of chicken breast.

6. Subway Club

When you want to include more vegetables to your diet or crave a traditional lunch, you should think about this classic sandwich option.

7. Roast Beef

This alternative is similar to the club sandwich in that it is high in protein, low in calories, and low in fat. It does include some carbohydrates, but persons with diabetes shouldn’t have any issues with it.

8. Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki

This is an additional choice that offers a good amount of protein and little salt. To avoid health hazards, you should refrain from consuming too many portions at once because it does contain a lot of fat.

9. Oatmeal

Due to its high levels of fiber and complex carbohydrates, it is a fantastic breakfast option that will help you start your day off well. The fact that it has a minimal fat content makes it the ideal lunch for diabetics.

10. Baked Potato

This option is hassle-free to eat, and you have the option of including low-fat options as well. Given that it contains complex carbohydrates that won’t raise blood sugar levels, it is the perfect choice for anyone looking for foods high in carbohydrates.

The Best Bread for Diabetics at Subway

Selecting the right bread is essential if you want to maintain control of your blood sugar levels because it accounts for a sizable amount of the sandwich’s total carbohydrates.

The best option for bread at Subway, if you have diabetes, is to always get the 9-grain variety.

Because each piece of the Hearty Multigrain option contains 3 grams of fibre, which slows the absorption of glucose into the bloodstream, it is also a wise choice.

The majority of other options only contain 0 to 1 gram of fiber, however, the wraps have 2 grams.

Tips for Ordering at Subway

  • Ask for your sandwich to be made on whole-grain bread or a low-carb wrap.
  • Choose lean protein options such as grilled chicken, rotisserie chicken, turkey, or tuna.
  • Load up on non-starchy vegetables such as lettuce, tomato, cucumbers, onions, and peppers.
  • Go easy on the cheese and sauces.
  • Ask for your sandwich to be cut in half or quarters so you can portion it out.

Choosing the Right Toppings

The toppings on a Subway sandwich are an essential ingredient and have a big impact on the nutritional value of your meal.

It’s important to choose toppings that are high in sugar and low in carbohydrates. Some of the best toppings for diabetics include the ones listed below:

  • Fresh vegetables include things like lettuce, tomatoes, onions, green peppers, and cucumbers.
  • grilled chicken, steak, or seafood
  • dressing with vinegar and oil and cheese

Avoid toppings that are heavy in sugar and carbs, such as sweet onion sauce, honey mustard sauce, and barbecue sauce.

These sauces can significantly increase the amount of sugar in your food, which may raise your blood sugar.

Sides to Avoid

The right side dishes must be chosen if you want to keep your blood sugar levels in check because they are an easy way to boost the amount of carbs and sugar in your meal. Ones to be clear of include:

  • Cookies
  • Soda
  • Sweetened tea
  • Chips
  • Fruit cups

These side dishes are high in sugar and carbohydrates, which might raise your blood sugar. Instead, choose for low-carb, high-protein, and high-fiber sides like a side salad or a bag of apple slices.

How to manage diabetes with a diet

When you have diabetes, it’s important to choose foods that are low in sugar and carbohydrates. You should also make sure to get enough protein and healthy fats.

Here are some tips for managing diabetes with diet:

  • Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are low in calories and carbohydrates and high in fiber. Fiber helps to slow down the digestion of food and prevent blood sugar spikes.
  • Choose whole grains over refined grains. Whole grains are a good source of fiber and other nutrients. Refined grains, such as white bread and white rice, have been stripped of their fiber and nutrients.
  • Choose lean protein sources. Lean protein sources, such as chicken, fish, and beans, are low in saturated fat and high in nutrients.
  • Go easy on unhealthy fats. Unhealthy fats, such as saturated and trans fats, can raise your cholesterol levels and increase your risk of heart disease.
  • Choose healthy fats. Healthy fats, such as those found in olive oil, nuts, and avocados, can help to lower your cholesterol levels and improve your heart health.

Tips for Making Healthy Choices

The following advice can help you choose healthy options at Subway:

  • Select either the Hearty Multigrain option or the 9-grain bread.
  • Avoid toppings and sauces that are heavy in carbs and sugar.
  • Pick low-carb dishes like salads and bowls.
  • Steer clear of sides like cookies and chips that are heavy in carbs and sugar.
  • By choosing your preferred toppings and dressings, you may personalize your meal.
  • Before placing an order, review the nutritional table on the Subway website.

Why is Subway a good option for people with diabetes?

Subway is a good option for people with diabetes because it offers a variety of healthy food choices.

You can choose from a variety of whole-grain breads, lean protein options and non-starchy vegetables. You can also control the amount of cheese and sauces you put on your sandwich.

Here are some tips for ordering at Subway if you have diabetes:

  • Ask for your sandwich to be made on whole-grain bread or a low-carb wrap.
  • Choose lean protein options such as grilled chicken, rotisserie chicken, turkey, or tuna.
  • Load up on non-starchy vegetables such as lettuce, tomato, cucumbers, onions, and peppers.
  • Go easy on the cheese and sauces.
  • Ask for your sandwich to be cut in half or quarters so you can portion it out.

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Subway in the United States can be ordered through Doordash, GrubHub, and UberEats.

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About Subway

Peter Buck inspired the names of Subway’s first and most well-liked products. The first item on the menu was “Peter’s Super Submarines.”

Following the success of their initial company and the establishment of a second site in 1966, Buck and DeLuca obtained their first franchises in 1974.

It is also known as a hoagie or an Italian sandwich. It is constructed from Italian rolls that have been split into pieces and filled with a variety of meat, veggies, cheese, and garnishes.

The cost of a Subway menu varies according to how fresh the food is. By claiming that the sandwiches there helped him lose weight, Jared Fogle benefited from Subway.

Subway Nutritional Information

Nutritional Breakdown

If You’re watching your Diet, click the aforementioned link To view the Nutritional information for each Item On the Subway Menu.

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FAQs – Subway Diabetic Menu

Is the Subway Diabetic Menu suitable for all types of diabetes?

Type 1 or type 2 diabetics may find a range of alternatives available at Subway to be suitable. However, it’s crucial to keep an eye on your carbohydrate intake and make decisions that are in line with your individual dietary requirements.

Are there gluten-free options on the Subway Diabetic Menu?

In some areas, Subway sells bread devoid of gluten. However, you should always confirm the availability of gluten-free items with the restaurant staff.

Can I customize my Subway sandwich to make it more diabetic-friendly?

Absolutely! You can customize your sandwich at Subway, making it simpler to select lower-carb, higher-fiber products that adhere to your dietary needs.

Are the salad dressings at Subway high in sugar?

Some dressings could have sugars added to them. Choose less-sweetened vinaigrettes or lighter dressings like oil and vinegar.

Is the Subway Diabetic Menu suitable for weight loss?

Many of the alternatives at Subway are lower in calories and higher in nutrients, which can help with a weight loss strategy. However, for weight management, portion control and a balanced diet are crucial.

Can I find nutritional information for Subway menu items online?

Yes, Subway’s official website offers comprehensive nutritional information that you can use to inform your ordering decisions.


The Subway Diabetic Menu doesn’t have to be difficult to use. You can eat delectable, diabetic-friendly meals if you have the appropriate information and make the right decisions.

Remember how crucial it is to watch your portions, be cautious of your carbohydrate intake, and choose your ingredients carefully.

Subway has a variety of meals you can choose from for breakfast, lunch, or dinner that will satisfy your palate and help you stick to your weight-loss goals.

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