Subway Dubai Menu & Prices (UAE) 2024


Subway Dubai Menu: Few fast-food companies have attained the level of appeal and notoriety on a worldwide scale as Subway has.

With its extensive global network of locations, Subway has established itself as a go-to source for delectable and customizable sandwiches.

Dubai, a city renowned for its varied culinary scene, has enthusiastically welcomed Subway as well, turning it into a gourmet haven.

We shall delve into the wonders of the Subway Dubai Menu in this post, investigating the variety of choices available to satiate all palates.

Subway Dubai Menu

Subway Dubai Menu

Dubai’s multicultural environment and diversified population have produced a fusion of delectable foods.

By providing freshly made sandwiches, Subway has established a niche for itself among the many dining options.

It is a well-liked option among locals and visitors alike thanks to its dedication to high-quality ingredients and creative taste combinations.

Subway has something for everyone, whether you’re searching for a fast snack on the run or a leisurely meal.


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What are the latest Subway menu prices in Dubai for 2024?

Subway has kept their pricing relatively stable in the Dubai market compared to 2023 levels.

For their basic 6-inch sandwiches, you can expect to pay anywhere from 15 AED on the lower end for a veggie or cold cut option, up to around 18 AED for one of their classic subs like the Italian B.M.T., Tuna, or Meatball Marinara.

If you want to go bigger with a Footlong sub, the prices range from approximately 25 AED for a 12-inch veggie or cold cut sub, up to around 30 AED for premium options loaded with multiple meats and toppings.

Some of their more decadent or specialty 6-inch subs can inch up closer to 25 AED when you add extra premium toppings like bacon, guacamole, double meat portions, etc.

As for value meals, Subway offers combo deals that bundle a 6-inch sub with a drink (soda, water, etc.) and a side like chips or a cookie. These typically fall in the 25-35 AED range depending on the sub and drink selection.

For example, a 6-inch Meatball Marinara sub value meal with chips and a soda may cost around 28 AED. But upgrade to a premium Steak & Cheese 6-inch and the value meal could be closer to 35 AED.

So in summary, whether you just want a basic sandwich or are looking for a heartier meal, Subway has options across several price tiers in Dubai to suit different budgets in 2024.

Does Subway in Dubai offer any vegan or plant-based options ?

Yes, Subway has significantly expanded their vegan and plant-based offerings in Dubai for 2024 to cater to the growing demand for meatless options.

In addition to their classic Veggie Delite sub, they’ve introduced the new Vegan Patty sub featuring a savory plant-based protein patty made from veggies, soy, and wheat.

But the vegan-friendly customizations don’t stop there. You can make any Subway sandwich vegan by simply omitting the cheese, mayo, and other non-vegan sauces and loading up on fresh veggie toppings like spinach, jalapeños, and olives.

Their soups often include rotating vegan vegetable or lentil varieties too.
For sides, Subway’s standard potato chips and garlic bread sticks can be made vegan.

They also offer vegan-friendly cookies made without eggs or milk, as well as non-dairy milk alternatives like almond milk for coffee and cooler drinks.

With these expanded plant-based options, Subway is making it much more convenient for vegan and vegetarian diners to enjoy a satisfying meal at their Dubai locations in 2024.

Are there any new sandwich or salad additions to the Subway Dubai menu?

Yes, Subway has introduced a couple of new menu items in Dubai :

Smoky Cheddar Steak Melt: A new hot melted sandwich featuring slices of steak, smoky cheddar sauce, sautéed onions and bell peppers, all toasted on Subway’s freshly-baked Italian Herbs & Cheese bread.

Southwest Chicken Salad: A new salad option with grilled chicken breast, roasted corn, black beans, diced tomatoes, shredded monterey cheddar cheese, and a zesty southwest ranch dressing.

In addition to these brand new offerings, Subway in Dubai has also brought back some previously rotated fan-favorite sandwiches like the Chicken Bacon Ranch and the Chicken & Teriyaki-Glazed Double Smoked Bacon.

The new Smoky Cheddar Steak Melt provides a hot, cheesy, indulgent sandwich option, while the Southwest Chicken Salad caters to those looking for a lighter but flavorful entree salad.

Subway Hours Dubai

Days Opening Hours Closing Hours
Monday 08:00 Am 12:00 Am
Tuesday 08:00 Am 12:00 Am
Wednesday 08:00 Am 12:00 Am
Thursday 08:00 Am 12:00 Am
Friday 08:00 Am 12:00 Am
Saturday 08:00 Am 12:00 Am
Sunday 08:00 am 8:00 pm

Subway Dubai Location Near Me

Subway Online Order In Dubai

You can place a delivery order for meals from Subway online. Even the best sandwiches and platters are available for purchase from Subway online at any time of day or night.

Subway offers food for every occasion. Enjoy great dishes with the best flavours. You can request delivery from Subway to your home.

The best quality is offered at the most affordable prices. To order a Subway dish, all you need is the website.

The next step is to call your neighbourhood store to ensure that the order was received. Additionally, you can use an app or the internet to order food. similar to websites like Swiggy, Zomato, GrubHub, etc.

About Subway Dubai

Subway’s broad and delectable menu satisfies palates in Dubai, where it is regarded as a culinary paradise by people all over the world.

Subway serves you a scrumptious array of subs, sandwiches, salads, and sides that have all been carefully prepared to satisfy a range of tastes.

It is tucked away in the centre of the city’s vibrant surroundings. Subway Dubai, which is famous for its commitment to using only the highest-quality ingredients, guarantees a fantastic dining experience.

Whether you’re a health-conscious diner, a vegetable nut, or a lover of hefty pleasure, Subway’s customizable options provide a unique meal every time.

Due to its accessibility and convenience, Subway, which has locations all across Dubai, is a favourite among both residents and visitors.

Savor the flavours of Subway, where each bite is a celebration of flavour, excellence, and innovation, to elevate your culinary experience.

Visit the Official Website if you want to learn more.

Subway UAE Customer Services

Subway UAE’s Contact Us page.

Email: [email protected]

In the majority of Subway restaurants, Subway typically opens late in the morning and shuts late at night.

  • Abu Dhabi Subway: 8:00 am – 07:00 pm (📞Phone: +971 50 132 4264)
  • Dubai Subway: 10:00 am – 12:00 am (📞Phone: +971 4 340 7667)
  • Sharjah Subway: open 24 hours (📞Phone: +971 6 527 6508)

FAQs about Subway Dubai Menu

Can I customize my sub at Subway Dubai?

Absolutely! You may customize your experience with Subway Dubai to make the ideal sub just how you like it.

Are there healthy options available?

Yes, the Fresh Fit options from Subway Dubai offer a healthier alternative without sacrificing flavor.

What sets Subway Dubai apart?

The commitment of Subway Dubai to using fresh ingredients, giving a wide range of selections, and offering a superior dining experience set the restaurant apart.

Does Subway Dubai cater for dietary preferences?

Certainly! For dietary concerns, Subway Dubai provides vegetarian and vegan alternatives.

How can I place an order at Subway Dubai?

It’s simple and convenient to order. Your order can be placed online, assuring a quick and easy dining experience.

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